The Cross-cultural Human Rights Centre is a platform that focuses on research and publications on the human rights situation of minorities across the world. Its academic output contributes to various concrete initiatives to improve human rights in the Netherlands, in the Arab world, in Africa and in Asia, including China. Human rights violations should be named and criticised. The Centre therefore strongly distances itself from all human rights violations as well as statements which gloss over, trivialise or deny repressive behaviour. In response to specific questions about the Centre’s perspective on the Uyghur people, the Centre explicitly endorses the conclusions of the United Nations regarding the systematic violation of the Uyghur human rights. In this vein, the Centre’s Director, in the presence of members of the Chinese State Council and the Politburo, called on 8 April 2021 to respect and protect the rights of Uyghurs and stop repressive anti-terrorism policies.

The Centre believes in the universality of human rights. It is precisely for this reason that it is important to let the voices of different groups from around the world be heard.  Human rights are pre-eminently the area where inclusiveness and diversity are important. The Centre has concluded that not all publications on the website of the CCHRC are compatible with this vision. This is reason enough to examine the website more closely. We also want to check whether a sufficiently clear distinction is made between statements made on behalf of the Centre and opinions and observations made in a personal capacity. For this reason, the Centre’s website has been temporarily taken offline.