CCHRC’s Affiliated Members Speak at the 2018 Beijing Human Rights Forum

On invitation from the China Society for Human Rights Studies and China Foundation for Human Rights Development, seven researchers, affiliated with the Cross Cultural Human Rights Centre at the Vrije University Amsterdam, attended the Beijing Human Rights Forum themed “Poverty Elimination : Seeking Common Development to Build a Community of Shared Future for Humankind” on 18 and 19 September in China.

In his plenary speech, Professor Tom Zwart analysed the nature of targeted policy alleviation in relation to the concept of ‘putting people first’, and discussed the implications of the US leaving the UN Human Rights Council for rethinking the Europe-China human rights diplomacy. Professor Wim Jansen, Professor Serge Kamga, Dr. Qiao Congrui, Mr. Jing Chao and Ms. Vivian Aiyedogbon also presented their findings and offered their inputs at the conference.