CCHRC participates in a Seminar on Mutual Learning among Different Civilizations and Promotion of Human Rights

CCHRC’s Peter Peverelli participated in this webinar hosted the Chinese Association for International Understanding (CAFIU), China Foundation for Human Rights Development and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) on March 11, 2021 during the 46th Session of the UN Human Rights Council with the theme of “Better Exchanges and Mutual Learning among Different Civilizations: A Way of Promoting Human Rights”.

The attendents formed a rich mix of people from academia, politics, NGOs and media, from various countries in Asia (China, Japan, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, India), Europe (Germany, the Netherlands), and Africa (South Africa), all sharing a common belief that a cross-cultural dialogue is necessary to promote human rights on a global level.

In his contribution, Dr. Peverelli stressed that the dialogue alone is insufficient and that humanity (the UN) will sooner or later need to renegotiate the concept of a set of ‘human rights’ acceptable by all cultures. Such definition will need to include discursive procedures to determine issues that would be regarded as violations of human rights.

The seminar has composed a declaration that will be sent to the UN.