CCHRC participates in The International Seminar on Human Rights Violations caused by U.S. Military Intervention of Afghanistan

This seminar took place on September 25 in Chongqing, China. It was organised by the Human Rights Institute of the South West University of Politics and Law.

A panel of Chinese and foreign scholars looked back on the 20 years of military intervention by the US and its allies in Afghanistan. While the opinions on details varied, all delegates agreed that the intervention has been a complete failure, as none of the goals have been attained. Moreover, the intervention has caused immense suffering to the Afghan people. An interesting contribution in this respect was that of . Mr. Yogeshwar Romkhami, Former Senior Superintendent of Nepal Police who has also served as a police trainer in Afghanistan during the US occupation. His eye witness report of the endless range of US mistakes and atrocities made a deep impression.

In his contribution, that was made in cooperation with the The Transnational Foundation of Peace & Future Research (see the Friendly Link page of this site), CCHRC’s Peter Peverelli added that the grounds for the intervention, a retaliation for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, were already wrong. After 9/11, everybody in the US talked about WHO could have done it, HOW they did it and with WHAT means. The only thing never brought to the fore was: WHY would somebody want to do something like 9/11 to the United States of America? By not asking the Why question, the US positioned itself as the innocent victim of tragic violence. The fact is that the 9/11 attack targeted the US’ global finance-capital (World Trade Centre), its global military (Pentagon) and its political (White House, however not hit) centres – not a school, train station or energy facility. The significant symbolic meaning of these targets could have stimulated intellectually decent causality discussions. However, by not asking the WHY question, the intervention in Afghanistan became an act of revenge.

You can read a report on the meeting in the People’s Daily here.