CCHRC participates in The Third International Conference on Peace and Conflict Resolution (ICPCR)

The ICPCR was organized for the third time by the Faculty of World Studies of Tehran University on Oct. 19-20, 2001. CCHRC’s Peter Peverelli participated in a panel on the topic ‘The West’s Cold War Agenda with China’ on Oct. 19, 2021. The panel was organized by Jan Oberg of The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (TFF). Other participants in the panel were Gordon Dumoulin, a cross-cultural consultant residing in China and Thore Vestby, a former Norwegian politician. The titles of the respective contributions can be found in the illustration.

ICPCR is a valuable event on which academics from a broad range of disciplines get an opportunity to present their research on peace and conflict resolution issues without any ideological restrictions.

CCHRC is hoping to join in next year, perhaps with a broader contribution about cross-cultural human rights in general.

CCHRC’s Peter Peverelli interviewed by CGTN

Peter Peverelli was interviewed by China Global Television Network (CGTN)’s most noted interviewer Liu Xin in her program To The Point of October 4, 2021. The second half of this program dealt with the statement by China’s UN Geneva representative Chen Xu. Mr. Chen proposed criticized the Western nations’ unilateral accusations against several non-Western countries regarding their human rights situation. He proposed that the UN engages in a more multi-lateral discussion. This proposition fits in with Dr. Peverelli’s research in applying the 7-Dimension model of national culture to human rights issues. During the interview, he explained that using the model, it is clear that the UN’s current ideas on human rights, including the UDHR, is strongly based on Western cultural values and therefore easily clashes with other sets of cultural values. He proposed that the world, using the UN as a platform, start fresh discussions on the definition of human rights, using national culture as the guiding model.

You can watch the interview here.