CCHRC’s Tom Zwart interviewed by CGTN

CCHRC’s founder Tom Zwart participated in the “2021 South-South Human Rights Forum” held in Beijing on December 8 (partly online). In that context, he was invited to contribute another of Liu Xin’s show To The Point. According to Tom, The United States claims to be a “defender of human rights”, but it is in a mess at home, where social disintegration, racial conflicts, and wealth gap have emerged and developed. He told that the biggest challenge is to break the monopoly that Northern countries’ have on the human rights debate. Some Southern countries have already met human rights standards very well, and they should show their wonderful progress and achievements. You can see the entire show here.

The CCHRC is becoming a regular feature on this show. CCHRC’s Peter Peverelli appeared as well on October 4 this year.