CCHRC lands at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam




After a considerable period of virtual existence, the CCHRC has found a welcome home at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA). A critical mass of academics from a broad range of disciplines at VUA has expressed support for the ideas behind the Centre.

The very name of VUA means ‘Free University’, founded as it was by a group of Protestant citizens who felt that society had a need for a Protestant university, free from the church and free from the State.

VUA also has a long history of interest in regions outside familiar Europe. To mention one example, the Centre for International Cooperation of VU Amsterdam (CIS-VU) is a Department founded to make knowledge and skills generated at VUA application for developing nations.

While virtual reality is the talk of the town these days, we are delighted to start our tangible existence in Amsterdam. It is the best location for the Centre we could have wished, only one train station away from Schiphol Airport, the portal to the rest of the world.