2019 China Europe Human Rights Seminar – Vienna

The annual gathering of European and Chinese scholars and others with a genuine interest in the cultural embeddedness of the implementation of human rights will take place in Vienna this year, June 19 – 22.

The program will be roughly as follows:

  • Wednesday 19 June: arrival in Vienna, in the evening a working dinner of the “Cross Cultural Human Rights Centre” will take place to discuss opportunities to bring China and Europe closer together in the area of human rights;
  • Thursday 20 June: during the morning a meeting will take place of the Cross-Cultural Human Rights Centre participants working at European universities to discuss human rights in Europe;
  • Friday 21 June: China Europe Human Rights Seminar;
  • Saturday 22 June: return travel

Sub-themes for the Seminar are:

  1. Universality and Particularity of Human Rights;
  2. Human Rights Significance of the Community with a Shared Future for Human Beings;
  3. History and Evolution of Human Rights Values;
  4. Human Rights Practice in China since the Founding of the People’s Republic of China and Its Global Significance.

The events are invitation only.