Posted on 15/1/2021

EU-China interdependent relations have evolved in recent decades. To decision makers and opinion leaders across the EU States, “engaging and cooperating with China is both an opportunity and necessity.” Yet, there lacks a consensus as to what a sound ‘China Strategy’ would be. In that light, the Faculty of Law of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam welcomes students who are motivated to explore legal and governance issues in today’s China throughout the course, which will consist of opposing theories and disputing cases. 

Lead lecturers, Dr. QIAO Cong-rui and Prof. Tom Zwart (both affiliated with the CCHRC), have gained considerable experience in the areas of law, governance and human rights in China, and established collaborations with the Supreme People’s Court and local courts on how to improve the delivery of justice in a variety of dispute situations. Tom is the 2020 laureate of the prestigious Li Buyun Law Prize, selected by a panel of senior legal scholars and practitioners in recognition of Tom’s contribution to research and teaching of human rights law in China for almost two decades.

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Law and Governance in Contemporary China

How would a sound ‘China Strategy’ look? Should we do business with China, or reflect instead upon its historical relationship with human rights? Is the priority of China’s President Xi Jinping to strengthen his power and position within the government, or to create and administer law? Is China’s judiciary system ineffectual , or does it sufficiently protect individual rights? Questions such as these have become increasingly concerning to major decision-makers and opinion leaders across Europe and beyond. The answers to these questions often fall short. The predominance of stereotypes and misunderstandings are all too common, suggesting a general deficit of knowledge about China. As Chief of the British Defence  Staff , General Sir Nick Carter recently claimed: “China is not a threat but a challenge. If we as a middle-sized country want to continue to prosper, we will have to learn about it and try to understand it.” This course is jointly organised by the CCHRC and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Click here for more information.